Wedding Flowers Information

Welcome to Valley Flowers Weddings!

We do weddings a little differently here, so I thought I would take a moment and give you a little information on how we operate. 

A few years ago, I noticed that the increase in brides coming into my store and wanting a beautiful bouquet on a tight budget was increasing year after year!      I also had a large increase of brides who wanted to know what is the best way to buy wedding flowers, how to get the best value and were not really concerned as much of what flowers were used, just wanted a beautiful bouquet  in their budget and color palette. 

This is a very special day for a couple, and as much as it would be sweet to have everything that one sees on many social media platforms many simply don't have the budget or are not willing to spend for "Instagram/Pinterest" bouquets. 

I also read the many disappointing reviews of brides when they ordered their wedding flowers through grocery stores or big box stores hoping to save some time and money and ended up with lack luster flowers for their special day.

I decided there has to be a better options here in Winnipeg for these brides!

So my team and I brainstormed for at least a year trying to come with a viable way to help brides get beautiful bouquets no matter what the budget, while still giving them the ability to customize and create something unique to them and have them created by our skilled designers here at Valley Flowers, a local Winnipeg florist!

Here is how it works: 

Wedding flowers must be ordered a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. Surcharges may apply if ordered under the 4 week minimum, or for weddings during Holiday seasons. ie: Valentines day, Mothers day and Christmas.

Delivery is not included in wedding prices. Delivery/pick up options will be reviewed during our follow up phone call. 

Each bouquet image shows you  how your bouquet will look and what flowers will be used, the description below the bouquet will show you the available customization and links to images showing you the colors available. 

BEFORE you add your bouquet to the cart, take a look at the color options available for your bouquet. In the special instructions let us know which flowers you would like to customize the colors for in this format:

Rose:  Playa Blanca

Stock: Dark Purple

Chrysanthemum: Lavender.


You only need to advise us of colors you wish to change from the image.  If you don't advise us, we will assume you would like the color as shown, however all these details will be reviewed with you in our follow up phone call to discuss your choices. 

Now add your completed bouquet to cart!

You can create your entire wedding package by choosing what you need from each collection and adding to cart.

Be sure to add the correct quantity for each item. 

Generally you would choose in this order:

Brides bouquet

Bridesmaids Bouquet

Grooms Boutonniere 

Groomsmen Boutonniere 

Flowers for Family:  Corsages for Mothers, Grandmothers, Boutonniere for Fathers and Grandfathers.

Additional flowers: Flower Girl, Toss Bouquet.


Once you have chosen your flowers and your dates, what happens next? 

Once we have received your order, myself or another wedding specialist will contact you by phone to go over your order and go over the details and color choice of your wedding flowers . We will then send you a completed copy with all your chosen color selections. It's that easy!  Next, you relax until your big day!

 We can also schedule a "peek" if you wish the day before your wedding should you desire to come take a look at your beautiful bouquets! 

Still looking for something more customized?  You can book a consultation HERE, and we would be more than happy to create something unique to you.

Looking for help with your table centers and décor?  Take a look HERE at our services available to help you. 

What DON"T we do? We do not offer set up services or any onsite services.  We specialize in flowers and nothing but the flowers.  

I look forward to creating your beautiful wedding flowers!