Substitution, Guarantee & Return Policy

Substitution Policy

We always make our utmost effort to get as close a look as possible to the image you see using the freshest blooms available.  Variations may occur depending on the season and availability.
When we are using alternate blooms, we will always try our best to maintain the overall feel and look of what you ordered.  If we feel that we cannot get a reasonably similar look to what you are asking, we will contact you directly via email or phone call to discuss the options.

Please note that images are displayed in such a way that you can see all the blooms that will be included in your bouquet.  When you have requested that these blooms be placed into a vase, we will generally arrange these vases with an all around display so that the recipient can place their gift easily on any table or counter and enjoy the flowers from all angles.  This will cause the arrangement to look slightly different than in the image.

Guarantee and returns:

Flowers! We love them! And not only because they look good - because they smell good too! So you can imagine exactly how sorry we are if any experience you have with us makes you wrinkle your brow like a wilted petal or leaves a bad smell in your nose. That's why we make it our priority to get things right the first time.
 Every rose has its thorn, though, and we must confess that, on rare occasions, things do go wrong. It drives us nuts, but it's one of those little things we have to live with as humans. So, if for any reason you're not absolutely 100% happy with your Valley Flowers experience, tell us about it! Everybody here works hard to develop a life long relationship with our clients and will do everything in our power to make our clients happy! Pick up the phone or send us an email -- just let us know! We will always listen to your concern and offer to put things right because we really, honestly and truly do want your experience to be a positive one.
Should your flowers arrive in a less then desirable state, we can assure you that it did not leave our store looking that way, though we know a lot of things can happen in the delivery process.  They are a delicate product!  
Please email us an image of the product within 48 hours at so we can determine as quickly as possible what the cause is. 
Flowers are warranted for 48 hours from delivery date.
For a full refund flowers MUST be returned to our store within 48 hours. 
No refunds are issued on any items unless there is a quality issue, otherwise a instore credit will be issued. 
Any quality issues brought to our attention after 48 hours will be  handled at our discretion. 
Unless there is an issue with the delivery, delivery fees will not be refunded.
Vases and containers that are not damaged and not returned will not be issued credit. 
Sender or recipient are responsible for returning item to store.
No refunds of any kind are given on orders placed for a holiday event, such as Christmas, Valentines or Mothers day for items that we cannot deliver due to recipient not being available to receive.  
In most cases during a holiday season, your flowers have been set aside as soon as they are ordered to ensure you get your product as we often sell out. In these cases, there are absolutely no refunds of any kind if we are unable to deliver the item due to the recipient not being available. 
Any items cancelled after payment has been processed and cancelled by the sender before it has been designed will be charged the 2% credit card processing fee. This is a fee charged to us by the credit card company as soon as a credit card is processed and is not refunded to us by the credit card company under any circumstances as if Feb 1,2021.
Should we cancel the order after it has been charged, we will pay the 2%,

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