Holiday Pricing

Holiday Pricing in effect.

Mother's Day: All items in our Mother's Day will arrive as shown. All items in our other collections will be filled to value using current market pricing. Please see below for full details.

 We try to  keep all our collections available throughout the holiday season as many clients require gifts for birthdays, anniversary, sympathies ect, and wish for colors and styles other then items shown in our Holiday Collections. Christmas, Valentines. Mothers Day. ect.

 However,  farms increase their prices to us  for all holidays, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentines ect. These raised costs to us are not reflected in our everyday collection pricing. We maintain our own website and it is simply too time consuming to change every price in our entire website to reflect  a temporary price increase from our farms.

  Should you choose to order something from collections OTHER then the holiday collection for delivery during the holiday dates that are posted at the top of every collection, please be advised there will be substitutions to your order. 

 We will create your gift as close as possible to the image, however some substitutions will occur and we won't be notifying you personally with these substitutions. 

 For example, items that are all white will remain all white, however will be using different white flowers or will be slightly smaller to accommodate for the price increase in white flowers during any holiday season. 

 Items the include roses. flowers in shades of pink, purples and reds during valentine and Mothers day  will be filled to value using current market pricing using as similar as possible the flowers requested.

These substitutes ONLY apply to items ordered from collections other then the current holiday collection: ie: Christmas , Valentines or Mothers Day. 

Examples of items that increase in price for a holiday season: 

Anything red and white the entire month of December. 

Anything Pink, white, purple, red  and all roses for the Valentine season. 

Most flowers in general at Mothers Day. 

 Therefore all items in collections other then our Holiday collection  ( Christmas, Valentines. Mothers Day ect) will be filled to value and may not always be exactly as imaged during the stated holiday season. We have posted the effected delivery dates  on the top of each collection. 

We thank you for your understanding and thank you for supporting small business, we truly appreciate it!



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