Thank You



Thank You gift ideas

More often then not, its the little things in life that make the biggest impact. We tend to only send flowers for big occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or sympathy.  Why not send flowers for the small acts of kindness and no-big-deal favors that are anything but that. Below are some little things we all appreciate so much, so why not show that appreciation by sending a bouquet of flowers!

Thank your neighbor

They water your plants while your at the lake in the summer, clear your sidewalk of snow when you're enjoying sunshine on a beach in the winter, and always have a spare cup of sugar when you're elbow deep in flour, make living where you do a neighborhood. 

Thank a colleague

You heard that someone talked you up or passed your name along, let them know how much you appreciate it with a thank-you floral gift.

Thank your friends

Those people who are always there for you, the ones who keep you sane. Why not thank them just for being in your life, and making each day brighter! Let them know how much their love and friendship mean to you. 
Yellow roses are the rose of friendship, and are perfect to brighten their day.

Thank a great teacher

That teacher who always goes the extra mile, let them know that their effort doesn't go unnoticed. Flowers that they can easily keep on their desk are the best to send. Grabbing an apple for a teacher while on the way out the door may be easier(and more traditional), but flowers will brighten their day for even longer, and show how much you truly do appreciate them! 

Thank your Mom

Flowers aren't only for Mother's day! Show your Mom your thinking about her and appreciate everything she does for you by sending her a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers!