Wedding Consultations

Wedding Flowers Consultation: 

1 Hour $25.00

Why do we charge for wedding consultations?   

Brides often have questions and would like honest answers without the pressure to purchase from the florist giving the "advise".  Our consultations are in 1 hour intervals and we will answer any question you have honestly and openly without any pressure to purchase from us. You don't need to have a wedding date, you don't need to have a color scheme or dress even (though to be honest you really should as these are the fundamental starting points), however if you just have questions and want honest answers, come see me and I will answer them. You have the hour to ask me absolutely anything you would like to know on how to get the most out of your wedding purchase. If you would like a quote on a custom wedding, I will certainly do that for you as well. 

Want to take pictures of what we discuss, absolutely. Want to take a bunch of detailed notes, you are more then welcome to. You can ask us absolutely anything and we will answer honestly with no expectation of you to purchase from us. 

Want to know what's the best seasonal flowers for your wedding date to give you the biggest bang for you buck, I will tell you. Want to know which flowers jack up your bouquet price, I will tell you, no strings attached.

This fee is not applicable or required for our online orders:  After ordering online, our wedding consultant will personally contact you, review your order with you to ensure it is everything you are wishing for. 

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Wedding bulk flowers and design consultation: 

1 Hour $50.00

Want to create your own reception flowers but don't know where to start or what you need to buy? I can help.  Our design consultations are in 1 hour intervals, and work this way.

You bring in your vase that you would like to create your design in, you can even bring in your own flowers that you would like to create with and a wedding specialist will show you exactly how to create your centerpieces using the materials you have. You can take pictures, notes ect.  Don't have the flowers? They can be purchased from our fresh floral if you wish, however you are more than welcome to bring flowers in from anywhere you care to purchase. 

Want to know the best way to get the look you want? We will not just tell you, we will show you!  Every trick you need to know to get the look you want, we will show you!

Want to know how many bundles of flowers you need to order for all your centerpieces? We will tell you. No pressure to buy from us at all.  You are paying us for our time and expertise, we will not pressure you to purchase anything from us at all! 

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